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Happy 7th Birthday #Twitter


Seven years ago a small team of people started working on a prototype of the service that we now know as Twitter. On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent the first Tweet!

On July 16, 2006 Twittr launched publicly with this article. To celebrate this auspicious anniversary I’m sharing the story of how I’ve plunged head first into this new phenomenon we call Social Media.

Like many amateurs, I stuck my toes in the water by creating a Facebook profile. I added a my picture, filled in the stat sheet and before long was reconnecting with long lost high school friends, work peeps and college drinking buddies.

Wading in a bit further, I downloaded a few photos and created some albums and my profile page began to morph into an extension of likes and dislikes, photos, video’s and instant chat.

I had joined Facebook because I was curious about free advertising for my business. Money…

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