Asking Questions and Doing Things

Brewing beer, throwing darts and eating wasabi flavor peas

Adam Bisol’s award-winning home brew. Warning: Damb tasty, but packs a mighty whallop!

A cauldron of liquid gold gurgled and hissed on the stove.

Spread across the kitchen table were a bowl of hops, an assortment of bottle caps and a bag of malt. 

It was 5 am and we’d been at it since I got home from work at 1.

Adam and I: Brewing beer, throwing darts and eating wasabi flavor peas. Great memories with a great friend.

Memories of college speed trips to hole-in-the-wall brewing supply shops, then all-night brewing sessions in G-Vegas;

Of brewing beer when it was still science, long before it was cool;

Of being banned from brewing at home after falling asleep with a batch on the stove;

Of being the beer tester and mead tester for more batches of home-brew than I can remember;

For me to be able to stand on my soap box and say that I’ve yet to taste a bad carboy of beer;

Which reminds me of the foot locker in college where sacred bottles of mead were stashed;

And of popping corks with great fanfare during random visits of family and friends!

Sending a virtual toast to my best pal Adam. I am dedicating this celebration of beer to you!

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