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© 2012 benshotme/ben allsup

My definition of an artist involves someone who’s often misunderstood, sometimes crazy and always just a bit off kilter. Whatever the attraction, I’m a big fan.

Today’s spotlight is shining on three very talented and amazing friends who are making (and selling) art in the digital age.

Let’s begin with high school friend Heather Mary Knopf, who’s website offers an online gallery shop filled with fun art for kids. She offers fine art prints and wall decals, as well as originals upon special request.

Erica Szuplat is a freelance artist whom I met in Boston and has a studio on Cape Cod. A link to her work is – Recently Erica has been focused on digital illustration for business or private needs. 

“I enjoy creating images for organizations or events that are tailored to the client’s project. Whether the subject is a family member, friend or furry one,  I strive to convey a likeness with accompanying personal detail.” 

She describers her style as “bright & lively” and describes her  finished digital images as “illustrative yet uncluttered, lending themselves easily to a variety of uses.”

Ben Allsup is one of my oldest friends, former roommate, newspaper warrior and all around good guy. He is a self described “independent photographer” who has trouble with labels and an obsession with all things hockey.

I’ve been a fan of Ben’s work for nearly 20 years and still think he has the best eye of any photographer I know. Check out  his sample picture of our friend rocking out in a Boston studio above, then thumb through his gallery and decide for yourself at 

© Wisha Studios 2012

© Wisha Studios 2012

© 2009 Heather Mary Knopf
© 2009 Heather Mary Knopf

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